Happy New Year everyone! I was fortunate enough to have the weekend between Christmas and New Years off from work so I was able to see my mom a lot and discuss wedding plans. It was fun talking about everything with her, it made the wedding seem so much more real!

One thing we talked about was wedding favors. I want to give guests something consumable as opposed to a trinket that can be easily thrown away. My mom came up with the idea to use Shriver’s Saltwater Taffy as favors. Ben’s family is from South Jersey, the birthplace of saltwater taffy, and they have been kind enough to send my family a box every Christmas. My mom has childhood memories of eating this tasty treat whenever her family would take trips to Atlantic City and I always make sure to pick up a couple boxes when I am able to go back to New Jersey with Ben, so I thought this sounded like a perfect idea!

When we looked at Shriver’s website we saw there was a section for “Wedding and Event Favors,” perfect! They have a bunch of different options, but the one we liked the best was the miniature metal beach bucket with five pieces of saltwater taffy inside:

While there aren’t any prices listed for these favors, my mom and I are pretty certain that we can do this ourselves for less money than buying them through the site. We did some research and found nearly identical metal buckets online for $0.40/each. Then we can buy Shriver’s taffy in bulk (avg 5 pieces per guest), and put together the favors ourselves. We also thought it would be a nice touch to add a tag that has our monogram on the front, and the story of how Saltwater Taffy came to be on the back. I think everyone will enjoy eating the candy and learning a little history as well!