It’s amazing how many little details there are to consider when planning a wedding! This process has really made me think about all of the weddings I have been to and really appreciating all of the work that was put into it. Now that I am planning my own wedding I wish I had paid more attention to all of the small things that help set the overall tone.

Over Christmas my mom showed me an idea for our wedding place cards. Like I’ve said earlier my fiancé and I would like the night to be preppy and slightly nautical themed, so when my mom showed me this ribbon place card idea from Martha Stewart weddings I thought it would work perfectly!

{photo via Martha Stewart Weddings}

We can very easily make them ourselves. All we need to do is have the names written on cards and thread ribbon through the card so that it looks like a belt buckle. They even have a template you can use! I think this place card setting looks classic and simple, which is exactly how I would like the décor to be. Oh yes and Ben has given his approval too! Our wedding is looking more and more like a reality every day!