This past weekend was really fun for me because my parents, my fiancé Ben and I got to meet with my younger sister’s good friend Cara, who is going to be hand drawing our wedding invitations. My mom has taken a couple letter press classes so she will be taking Cara’s design and using it to create the final invites.

Cara studied sketch art with my sister Molly in college and although now she has a job that does not involve art, she offered to do the design of our invitation so that she could help with our wedding and give herself a creative project.

Before I met with Cara, I had already emailed her designs that I like for inspiration. I like an old fashioned look but with a modern, funky twist. I hope for her to encompass the preppy, nautical theme that we are going for. I have a week to send Cara the wording that I would like to include on the invite and then she will have the final design ready by mid April so that my mom has time to letterpress. Even though I don’t think Ben is particularly fascinated by wedding invitations, he definitely enjoyed coming to talk to Cara and it was nice for him to feel a little more involved!

Since I also plan to use Laura Hooper’s fantastic work in our wedding, I’ve been searching her website for reception pieces such a seating chart, programs, or escort cards. This is all yet to be determined but I can’t wait to figure it out because it makes everything more real! I particularly like this beachy seating chart that I saw on the Laura Hooper Calligraphy site:

The weeks just seem to be flying by now. It used to seem like we had SO much time for everything. Now August 17th feels like it is just around the corner!!