As our wedding gets closer and closer, I have been forced to really think about some large details that I have somewhat neglected so far, the biggest of these being the actual ceremony location!

As I’ve said in earlier blog entries, we have reserved the Newport Harbor Yacht Club on Friday August 17th for the reception. This is because it goes with the preppy, nautical theme of our wedding. While I would love to also get married there, the Yacht Club can accommodate our 200 guests for the reception, but they only allow 100 for a ceremony.

So I have known for a while that I need to find a ceremony location, but for the past month or so I have been putting it off. A few months ago my mom and I started looking at churches, but #1 they were more expensive than I had anticipated and #2 I had always imagined getting married outside.

This past week my mom decided to look at a few parks in the Newport Beach area since my fiancé and I live in Los Angeles and have a hard time getting down to Orange County during the week. A few of the parks did not have an ocean view, or were two far from the venue, but Peninsula Park actually seems like it could be a possibility.

Peninsula Park is a large grassy area right next to the beach, and only 0.5 miles from the reception location:

While the location is beautiful, we still need to think about how crowded it will be in the summer, all of the rental equipment we will have to bring in, sound system (website says no amplified sound), etc. I am going to call the Parks Department this week to check out the details, but I am hoping this works out!!