Beautiful Bride Legs!

Ladies, even if your wedding dress is long you cannot forget to tone up those legs! whether you are struting out in a sexy party dress or just want to wear those super short mini skirts on your honey moon you need to follow these tips!

Cardio is always great. Try to walk 3 times a week for 30 minutes … If you can’t do that, try standing on a step and doing 20 calf raises. Repeat 2 times,  then step on and off the step lifting the back leg in the air. Do 30 of these.

For the next excersie you will need a theraband. These come in different sizes and strengths.  Lay on your back with your legs straight up. Put the theraband on the bottom of both feet and pull down. You will stretch your hamstrings, and activate the back of the leg, now start to open and close the legs.  This will activate inner and outter thigh.

Do 10 reps. Repeat 3 times.