I just want to start this post off by showing that my mom is now more iPhone savvy than I am. She just got one and has somehow learned to download an application that let’s her use emoticons in her texts. Please refer to the screenshot below where she’s telling me that she’s put the deposit down on the Newport Harbor Yacht Club for my wedding reception:

Yes that’s a wedding ring and a little man and woman with a heart between them. My mom surprises and delights me everyday!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I want to do my hair. A few months ago I told my family I was considering having it all up high on my head in a ballerina bun and they looked at me first laughing and then horrified. They all then said that I really looked best with my hair down, and that having it up is great for some people… just not me. I love the ballerina bun though!

Kate Bosworth via Glamour

However, I do agree with them, I do look best with my hair down. I know I want to have it long and curly, but I haven’t thought about it much until recently. I want it to look very natural, almost 70’s-ish. I know I need to have hairspray to make it stay, but I want it to look like I’m not wearing any and my hair is just naturally that way. Here are some of my hairstyle inspiration photos:

Loose curls with straight bangs

Messy curls

Big Volume and sideswept bangs

I have straight across bangs right now and long hair, so I think the first option is what I’m an going to aim for. I like how the curls look soft and effortless. Now onto finding a hairstylist!