As my wedding date gets closer and closer, I get to start thinking about the small details, like invitations, favors, etc. But one thing I have been thinking about since the very beginning is a small detail to some, but has actually always been a big detail to me, the bachelorette party!

I have always loved going to bachelorette parties because it is such a good excuse to get friends together. Whether it is a trip somewhere or just a night out on the town, it’s always such a special night to remember for the bride, and for everyone else!

For my bachelorette, I wanted to take a trip somewhere and invite everyone I possibly could, but I also didn’t want anyone to feel obligated at all to come. I was considering going wine tasting but after talking to my sisters (who are my co-maids of honor) we decided we wanted something a little more crazy! After a little bit of deliberation we decided that it would be fun to go on a three day cruise to Mexico!

I have actually never been on a cruise and after researching it a bit, it seemed like a fun way to have everyone in the same place, and was actually pretty affordable. The cruise we decided on leaves from San Diego , is at sea for one day, Ensenada for a day, then back to San Diego. Since most of my friends are in the Southern California area most of them don’t have to fly anywhere. Also, all of the food and accommodations are paid up front so the overall cost for a 3 day trip to Mexico is not that bad.

Other than deciding on the place to go, I haven’t had much to do with the bachelorette planning (my sisters are the BEST!!!) But I did  convince them to let me see the invitation. My sister Molly designed it and I think that it’s absolutely perfect. I cannot WAIT for June 15!!