Brides to be! The next body part we will be talking about today is the BOOTY! With these simple exercises below you can have a toned tush in weeks.

1. Lie on your side with bottom leg bent underneath you, top leg elevated hip level. Flex the foot and start to make little circles. 30 circles each direction. Break and then switch sides. ( if you have ankle weights only do 20 reps per side)

2.  Come onto your hands and knees and extend one leg strait back and bend the knee so you  make a 90degree angle with your leg. Pulse your leg up and down flexing the foot( 20 reps each leg)

** If you want to make the exercise more difficult extend opposite arm strait out in front while you pulse the leg up, this will work the core and improve balance.

Ladies! these exercises  work, just take the time to do them twice a day! You will be so proud of your bridal behind 🙂