We are continuing our series on the same design in varying colors and print methods with today’s sampling of our Firenze chandelier invitation design.

This first photo shows two invitations, both using light pink for the graphics, but the set on the left utilizes the letterpress print method while the set on the right was flat printed.

This next set includes more detailing in the design and was printed in the less common thermography method. This print method gives a raised effect and is more cost effective than letterpress. The grey card below also uses the thermography method.

Here is the chandelier again in a blue shade used for a couples brunch invitation.

The hot pink thank you card and reception card are also printed in letterpress on a textured cardstock and you can see them compared to the grey thermographed piece.

We love this design in all the chosen colors!

To see the Firenze design and more, visit our online Invitation Paperie!