Apologies for my lack of blog posts recently. There have been some major changes/developments in my wedding.  It has been very stressful not knowing exactly what was going to happen and where everything was going to end up taking place, but now that I have an actual plan I am so relieved and feel more excited about the big day than ever before!

So first things first, a couple of weeks ago we met with the event coordinator at the Yacht Club (where the reception was supposed to take place) and after we talked to her something just didn’t feel right. I still wasn’t sure where the ceremony was going to take place, everything seemed much more expensive than we originally thought, and it just didn’t seem like the perfect place anymore. So I won’t bore you with all of the details for how this was decided, but after much deliberation we have chosen Bommer Canyon in Irvine as our ceremony AND reception location!

While very rustic, the event space in Bommer Canyon is also very beautiful. There are no time or guest number restrictions. My amazingly talented sister Molly is going to make an arch to go under this tree which is where we will be having the ceremony:

There are long wooden picnic tables that we will decorate with the tablecloths and table runners that my mom has already started making. The dance floor is underneath a red barn structure, and we are going to string market lights across the trees:

{sample lighting from A Rental Connection}

There are definitely a lot of details we have to figure out now, but I am so excited about this place and so relieved. It’s also very close to my high school and I attended several birthday parties there as a kid, which makes it even more special to me. I can’t wait to figure out how this is going to come together!