For the first time in this wedding planning process, I am actually confident about how things are taking shape. Like I mentioned in my last blog post, we changed to venue from a yacht club to a canyon, a risky decision with four months to go but it was definitely a wise one. Ben and I were finally able to go look at it in person this weekend and needless to see way were VERY happy as shown in the photos below:

The one drawback (which personally I don’t consider to be a drawback) is that it is very rustic. There are bride’s quarters, a bar, a place to serve food, picnic tables, and a dance floor, but the one thing it doesn’t have is bathrooms. They have two porta potties there but since we will be having around 230 guests (there is no guest limit or time restriction here, yay!) we will need to rent two more.  However, I am viewing this as a chance to be creative. This is an odd thing to say but we have researched several companies, and there are some really nice porta potties available! We will definitely get the kind with sinks, and will create door signs like this to designate bathrooms for men and women:

While searching online I found several very creative  ways to spruce up a porta pottiie. Bride and groom toilet paper anyone?

{via Amazon}

I even found a fish themed porta potty! While this does not quite go with my theme, I respect the effort:

We’ll see what comes together for our big day!