We often have calligraphy jobs come across my desk that I would consider “less ideal” than others – to put it nicely! Generally, anything with a polished surface can be really tricky to work with.

While trial and error is really the only way to go, here is my own first go-to for trial and error.

1. Wipe the surface clean using windex or all purpose cleaner

2. Wait for that to completely dry {no cheating! It really has to be fully dry}

3. Spray with Krylon Workable Fixatif

4. Let that completely dry {again, no cheating…fully dry}

5. Write as usual. Sometimes if nib + ink just won’t work, I have to switch to paint pen

Optional: spray or coat at the end with matte varnish to “seal” in your calligraphy

We share even more step-by-step tutorials in our book, “Wedding Calligraphy” for sale in our shop!