A few weeks ago I was fortunate to celebrate my last few months as a bachelorette with 18 of my best friends on a 3-day cruise to Ensenada! My sisters are my co-maids of honor, and I am the first of the three of us to get married, so needless to say they were very excited and began planning the trip about 6 months ago. I expected it to be fun, but the trip far exceeded my expectations. The easiest way to show what a crazy, funny, special weekend is through pictures.

When we got to the ship, my sisters greeted us with custom tote bags made by Laura Hooper! The bags each have a hand drawn map that shows places that are special to Ben and me in LA. There are also compasses surrounding the map that have pictures of me in them! They were the perfect addition to this trip as we were able to carry them around the ship and also onshore.

We were on the ship for three nights, and every night had a different theme. The first theme was “Sailorettes & Seamen” and my sisters gave everyone sailor hats…of course I got a special one with a veil attached! The 2nd day the boat docked, and we went to Papas & Beer in Ensenada. In my opinion the ultimate sign of fun in the sun is a bucket of beer!

The 2nd night’s theme was “Mad Men,” and I was impressed to see that everyone really got into character! After dinner we headed over to the karaoke bar. Sometimes it was easy to forget what decade we were in (note the “dressed up” fellow not with our group!)

The 3rd night’s theme was “Mustaches & Mahem” – isn’t much to say about this one, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Next up…the bridal showers!