We have interrupted our Thursday calligraphy tips to show you some of our most recent, exciting calligraphy projects for inspiration. For the next two weeks, we’ll be showing you specific projects with resources so you can try them out yourself for any events you’ll be working on this year. Last week, we showed you Abby Jiu’s moroccan themed baby shower and this week, we’re taking you to Houston to the Fleurology conference.

Our friends at Karson Butler Events looped us in for this conference where we got to teach a mini calligraphy workshop to all the attendees. They know how much I (Laura) love blooms, so it was a match-made-in-heaven to do what we love and attend the incredible conference all about florals!

While we were there Amber and Emily put together this beautiful shoot with the vendors and it was such a treat to see it all come to life. Normally for photo shoots we do the paper goods and send them on their way. We don’t get to witness the planner, florist & photographer working together to create the scenes and get the beautiful shots. We loved being a part of this project, and we got to do some of our favorite projects shared below.

Project #1 // Calligraphy Ghost Chairs: The first time I ever wrote on ghost chairs was for a Karson Butler Events wedding, so it was perfect to include that element here! It is a really unique look and it’s fun to do. I used a white paint pen that comes off with windex as they are rentals! You can buy the pen here.

Project #2 // Gold Calligraphy Cake: The cake was fondant, but to be honest this one was a bit too fresh! The fondant was still really soft and it was tricky to write on. We recommend letting the fondant harden overnight before lettering on it. This was a show cake, not for eating, so we used our standard gold paint pen. When we are writing on cakes or macarons that will be eaten, though, we use edible pens you can find here.

Project # 3 // Invitation Suite + Menu: We used our gold ink and the Nikko G nib from our shop. We created this on the fly the day-of and did a bit of flourishing for an extra special touch.

Project #4 // Chalkboard Signage: Everyone always asks what special chalk we use {we get this in our workshops a lot} and our secret tool is – crayola chalk!! That’s right, nothing fancy here, folks.

We LOVED this whole conference experience. Thank you to the gals at Karson Butler for pulling together amazing vendors and a very inspirational, unforgettable few days!

Vendor List: 

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