Wedding Wrap Up!

The day is finally upon us, I am getting married tomorrow! We tried to finish things early so we could space everything out and not be stressed, but I think it is impossible to not be a little frantic the week of the wedding. There are just always so many last minute details to take care of. Here is a wrap up of everything we are doing for Friday:

Tables: The venue has picnic tables of six people that are pushed together to create 35 foot long picnic tables. My mom’s friends were sweet enough to sew 35 foot table runners to cover the length of the tables. We have been collecting milk glass for months and we are putting that with yellow flowers on top of the tables along with “lamps” that we made out of glass vases, lamp shades, and battery operated lights. Here is a sneak peak at what the tables will look like (we set them up at my parent’s house on the ground):

Day of Set Up: My mom has been a HUGE help in this whole process. We can only get into the venue at 1pm to set up and the ceremony starts at 5pm. Since the venue is so rustic and does not offer any help we really have to transform it to make it elegant. In order to do this in time she has fourteen friends who each have specific tasks and will come it at 1pm to set everything up. It truly is a community effort.

Signs: A few weekends ago my sisters and I made a bunch of signs to direct guests around the outdoor venue. We wanted to give them a rustic yet elegant feel so we used wood and printed out the letters on the computer. Then we taped the words to the wood and used a pen to trace them and indent the letters into the sign. After that we painted the words in blue onto the sign that was already painted white. Then we sanded the sign and brushed it with wood stain to give it an antique feel. I don’t want to give away all of the signs but here are the restroom ones:

Wedding Week Schedule: My family and I still had a few loose ends to tie up (Father Daughter dance being one of them) but we were hosting my fiancé’s family at a beach BBQ yesterday so we pretty much needed to be ready by then! Today my mom and I are hosting a bridesmaid luncheon and then we will go to the rehearsal dinner put on by my fiancé’s parents. Then the tomorrow is the wedding! I will be getting ready with my bridesmaids starting at 8am. This wedding has been a lot of work, but I am so excited for the big day and so happy I got to spend this time with my mom.

I can’t wait to marry my best friend on Friday and to celebrate with everyone that I love!!