Congratulations to our destination bride-to-be who is currently in Cabo San Lucas for her wedding…here is her final “pre-wedding” post!

Destination Bride to Be

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico here we come! All of our paperwork and travel documents are finalized and we are ready to go… well, minus a few last minute errands, packing and mentally preparing. I am ecstatic that the big day, or should I say week, is almost here.

Nate and I getting our paperwork in order


We will be getting to the resort a few days before the wedding to prepare everything for the main event. Many of our friends and family members have graciously offered to hunker down in a hotel room and assist us in building the centerpieces and filling the welcome bags, as well as greeting guests as they arrive at the resort! We are extremely grateful that so many people want to help, but I am starting to fear that we might have too many assistants, ha. However, I am looking forward to getting everything done much faster than originally anticipated.

After meeting with the wedding coordinator at the resort we will go on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart and Costco to get the final items needed for all events surrounding the wedding: picture frames, sand for the centerpieces, batteries for the lanterns, champagne, etc. After everything is assembled and handed over to the wedding coordinator, she will take care of the rest!

Celebrating Nate’s 33rd Birthday – and that’s Chris, our Ring Bearer!

I think Nate is most looking forward to live music. A guitarist and violinist will play as we walk down the aisle, and during our ceremony. Then after dinner we will dance our first dance to a mariachi band (wish us luck – we are going to need it with no practice), which will continue to play and entertain our guests.

I am most looking forward to the many adventures we will have with our friends and family, and most importantly the two of us together. Ok…and sipping a margarita while lounging by the pool, dreamily staring off into the ocean.

Please send happy thoughts our way as we venture to Mexico to start a new chapter of our lives!

And pray to the airport baggage fairies that all our luggage arrives safely…

Lots of Love,