Now that you’ve tested the waters, it’s time for the big day. Below are Sophie’s tips for your tan!

The Wedding Tan

Wedding bells are ringing. Your day is almost here. It’s time to glow! In order to guarantee the best possible results, you always want to make sure to prep for your airbrush session. The night before a tan you should always: 

  Shower, shave and exfoliate (at least several hours before tanning)

  Come to the session without lotion or deodorant

  Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing and flip-flops to the session 

How much or how little you wear during your session is completely up to you. Many women prefer to wear a thong and nothing else, in order to prevent any tan lines. The key is to keep your wedding dress neckline in mind! Once you’ve been tanned, wait 8-12 hours before you shower to allow the tan to fully develop. After you do shower, remember to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Now, zip up your dress and see how your bronzed skin complements your gorgeous white dress . . .

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