Before we share these adorable sea-inspired escort cards and table signs, I thought I’d take a minute to clarify a common misunderstanding. People often mix-up the terms “place cards” and “escort cards”. Escort cards you pick up before heading to your table, and they let you know which table you are at. You can also use a seating chart in place of escort cards, but either way, they give your guest a table number or name. Once your guests make their way to their table, they will either have free seating and can sit anywhere they’d like…or you can have place cards at each individual place setting. Place cards can be in the form of simple folded tent cards, or they can be written on the top of a menu, on a menu belly band, or on a favor tag placed at each setting. The possibilities are truly endless!

So in today’s feature we are sharing escort cards individually tied to our standard gold compasses. They in turn guided guests to their “ocean” or table. Each table has a card depicting the ocean that it represents. The simple outline of the world with the corresponding ocean shaded, contrasted with the elegant Bickham Swash Caps calligraphy script, creates a classic and truly unique look!

We also love the matching light blue satin ribbon to tie it all together!