This past weekend I finally got around to doing something that should have been first on my list- looking at wedding venues! My fiancé Ben and I would like to get married next summer, and although that seems like awhile away, places are definitely getting booked quickly.

Ben is from New Jersey and I’m from Southern California, so we’d like our location to be in Southern California but look more like it belongs on the East Coast so that our wedding truly represents both of us. We decided that the best way to do this was to find a place that would fit well with a preppy, classic beach themed wedding. Now the trick is just figuring out where that is!

My mom suggested I check out the Newport Harbor Yacht club since it’s located near to where I grew up in Orange County and has a lot of old school charm. We went to look this past weekend and I loved all of the dark wood, white walls, and nautical details.

While décor is certainly important, my family’s number one priority is dancing.

My sisters and me dancing at our cousin’s wedding

The NHYC has a great room that should be able to accommodate our guests as they eat dinner and dance all in the same place. It is really important to me to have everything in one big room because I want everyone to feel included, even if they aren’t up there on the dance floor.

I was also able to look at the Long Beach Yacht Club, which was beautiful as well but not quite as perfect as the Newport location. I am going to check out a couple more places next weekend but I think the NHYC might just be the perfect fit!