I think I’ve thought about what kind of bridesmaid dresses I would have more times these past couple years than I’ve thought about what my actual wedding dress would look like. Maybe that stems from the fact that I have been a bridesmaid a few times and being an actual BRIDE was tough for me to imagine. Regardless of the reason, I’ve definitely thought about who my bridesmaids would be and what they would wear long before I got engaged (shhh don’t tell Ben!).

Initially I thought it would be fun for them to wear bright orange. This was because #1 I thought it would be different, and #2 I wore a bright orange prom dress my senior year in high school and it has always held a special place in my heart 🙂

Then I started thinking that orange might not be the most flattering on everyone. Like I said, I have known who my bridesmaids would be for a few years now, and when I discussed this with them orange was not a color that anyone (besides me) went wild over.

After the orange phase subsided I was convinced that I wanted to have yellow dresses. This way, they could still be bright but maybe not as jarring as bright orange. Since it still took a few years after this for me to actually get engaged (apparently I am a very forward thinker), my tastes yet again changed. I decided I wanted more of an understated theme, and it seemed like it would be difficult to find yellow dresses that really flattered everyone. After wearing a navy bridesmaid dress in my cousin’s wedding, I became interested in having that color instead. But I still would like to incorporate the yellow in smaller ways, such as yellow shoes, flowers, or accessories.

Luckily for me, while I was searching for my wedding dress at Mary Me Bridal in Orange, I decided to stop next door at the adjoining bridesmaid dress store and ended up finding a dress that was navy, different, and very flattering on everyone that tried it on. Things aren’t certain yet, but after years of thinking about it, I think I’ve found the dress that 8 of my closest friends and family members are going to wear as they walk down the aisle on my wedding day, exciting!