You have the perfect re-useable tote bag to gift to your wedding guests…now you just have to fill it!

If you have a wedding planner, he or she will surely be able to give you ideas and will most likely purchase all the items, assemble the bags and deliver them to your various hotels to pass along to your guests upon check-in.

If you are going it on your own, here are a few ideas and tips!

1. First and foremost, you should always have water in your totes! Your guests will thank you when they make it back to their hotel rooms following your night of celebration! If possible, include two per person.

2. Think about what tasty fruits are local or specialized in your wedding locale. For California these could be oranges, Hawaii could be pinapple, Georgia could be peaches. Or just go with the basics like apples or bananas ~ having a healthy snack will be hit. {Tangelos via RobertIsHere}

3. Whether your guests are with their significant other or going stag, everyone will appreciate some minty freshness throughout the evening!

4. Plan on dancing the night away? Make sure your guests can join you by providing some respite for their footsies! These can also be given out via basket or bucket at your reception. Keep the sandals within your color scheme to add to the decor element! {flip flops via JCrew}

5. Consider some local reading for your guests while they relax at the pool, beach or fireside.

6. In addition to fruit, granola also serves as an easy and tasty snack! Cheez-its are a common favorite as well, or specialized potato chips {think Maui chips for Hawaii}.

7. If you are at a tropical or coastal destination, you can consider including towels for your guests. {towel via}

When considering what to include in your tote bags think about how many you will be giving out and when guests will be receiving them. If you are giving them to just the bridal party or rehearsal guests, you can include a few pricier items such as the towel or even a bottle of wine. If you are giving one to every guest or even each couple, this could add up quite a bit!

Also be sure to designate someone to help you assemble and distribute the bags…the last thing you want to be thinking about as you prepare for your rehearsal is whether or not your guest bags have made it to their new owners!

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