Many times we are asked to not only create a custom suite for a client, but to also assemble and mail it {or assemble and ship it to the client for mailing}. This is of course, a much more complex process than when we do envelope calligraphy for example, and the perfect example of when other team members come into play. Here is one such save-the-date boxed set laid out step-by-step!

Step 1.  Laura works with client to create the design concept, make any necessary changes to design, colors, etc.
Step 2.  Concurrently, we begin to gather and order the rest of the supplies…in this case two printers for maps, mailing labels & luggage tag inserts, craft boxes, luggage tags, ribbon, grasscloth, stamps etc. for a total of seven vendors collaborating.

Step 3. Once all of the pieces are complete, we can begin to  assemble the luggage tags, tie them together with the maps, cut grasscloth to fit the boxes then assemble boxes with the grasscloth and map/tag sets, then seal the boxes with custom shipping labels and affix the custom stamps!

It’s a multi-step process, but we think it is most definitely worth the finished product!