Starter Kits

We are asked almost daily what tools and inks we recommend for beginners, so after thinking about it for months and months, I took the leap and decided to offer calligraphy starter kits curated especially with my suggestions for beginners! I decided to take pre-orders to get an idea of what I would would need to pull together to ship in time for Christmas, so we listed the kits on Etsy last Wednesday afternoon, thinking we would maybe sell a few.

On a whim, I set the quantity to 50…and by Thursday around 5pm, we had sold all 50! I have difficulty saying “no” to anyone, so I added 25 more, and when those sold out, I snuck in another 5. Well, those sold out, too. After the first two “I can’t find it on Etsy” comments, I rallied my team to determine what we really could get done by Christmas.

We listed 120 more to bring our total guaranteed by Christmas up to 200 starter kits. And we are now down to about 70. SO, if you want a kit for Christmas, or have asked someone to add it to your list, please let them know that they are selling quickly and don’t delay!

Each kit includes:

– 1 adjustable oblique pen holder
– assortment of 3 nibs
– 1 pot of black ink
– 1 pot of white ink
– 1 personalized journal for practicing (name of your choice will be hand-written by Laura!)
– 3 sheets of vellum tracing paper 8.5×11″ each
– 3 sheets of gridline practice sheets
– 3 alphabets and instructional tips and techniques from Laura’s personal experience
– 1 signature Laura Hooper Calligraphy print that you can practice tracing over as well

We are so excited to offer our calligraphy starter kits, particularly because we know it will keep the beautiful art of calligraphy alive and thriving! So thank you all for your enthusiasm, and I can’t wait to get your kits out in the mail!

The direct link to purchase your kit is here. Don’t forget to let us know what name to include on the journal!