Two of our top questions received revolve around our preferred pen markers for lettering as well as how you travel with your calligraphy supplies.

The pic above shows how I travel with my supplies {no, I don’t properly protect my pen holders/nibs…oops!}, but I do keep them all contained in an oversized canvas makeup pouch. Mine is an older one from Target, but you can find something similar here.

I of course have my pen holders & nibs {found here}, and if you are traveling with inks, you want to be sure to double-bag them {i.e. put them in a ziploc baggie and then put that baggie in another ziploc. Some people even put a rubber band around the lid with the first bag}. I’ve literally carried about 9 bottles of ink carry-on before and wasn’t questioned. This of course could vary by airport!

In addition to my pointed pen supplies, I always have my preferred paint markers for lettering as well – Pentouch. for metallics & Sharpie. for white. Personally I prefer the water based Sharpie and I use this on all of my wood signs, but everyone is different with their preferences! For example, another brand of paint markers that I have never used but hear great things about are the Molotow pens…definitely worth a try if you are looking to test out options for yourself.

For paper, I usually have a few place cards on hand just in case and I always take one of our LHC pads since we make them with calligraphy quality paper.

Hopefully this peek at my travel bag will help you with your own calligraphy travels. Tell me in the comments, what supplies can you not travel without?