Looking to learn the art of calligraphy, but not sure where to start? We would love for you to join us at one of our beginner calligraphy workshops coming up in Atlanta, NYC, Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, Alexandria {DC area}, San Francisco & Honolulu. Our classes include top-quality supplies & hands-on instruction in a fun, creative environment. We love each workshop session to feel like a special event with beautiful blooms, tasty treats & of course lots of chatting about the art of calligraphy. So what exactly happens in our beginner workshops?

First everyone arrives & finds their seat. There is generally some chit chat amongst friends {or new seat buddies!}, people enjoying some treats and such while we wait for everyone. Once class begins we talk a little about our business, calligraphy & what will happen in class. We start by covering all the tools & supplies that we will use in class as well as how to prep for your work each session. Next we jump right in to start some basic practice strokes so that we can walk around and be sure each attendee is holding their pen correctly, applying the right pressure for up & down strokes, dipping into their ink properly & just getting comfortable with the pen & paper.

LEFTIES…don’t worry, we have custom pens made just for you!

After the practice patterns, we move into a full introductory alphabet covering both upper & lower case letter forms. Our workshops include our alphabet tracing pads, so you’ll have plenty of practice tracing the forms before trying each one out on your own. As we move through the alphabet, we also talk about our preferred tools and where to buy them, general tips for daily work & next steps to continue your calligraphy education {hint: Modern Calligraphy Summit is a MUST if you are looking to explore the art!}. At the end of class we open it up for questions & let everyone know the best way to reach us for all the questions that come up after you leave class as you continue practicing on your own. For the most part everyone is surprised at how quickly the three hours have gone and are pleased with the progress they’ve made throughout class.

Calligraphy does take quite a bit of patience and practice, so while you won’t leave class a complete pro, you’ll have all the tools and resources necessary to tackle the art, backed by Laura’s 14 years of experience as a professional calligrapher.

If you aren’t able to make it to our in-person workshops, we offer the next best thing with our video tutorial + starter kit found in our shop here! We hope to help you explore this beautiful art & feel free to let us know if you have any questions below in the comments!