Ah the macaron…one of our very favorite treats! We occasionally get to letter on these beauties and one of the most frequently asked questions is about the ink. Specifically about eating the ink. While personally I’d probably still eat a macaron with regular pen on it, we don’t recommend feeding your client’s wedding guests standard ink in bulk, and fortunately there is an alternative.

Edible ink pens! Yes, we only use edible markers when writing on food that is for anything other than photo shoots. There are many brands available, although the colors are somewhat limited. The brand I personally use is this one.

A few tips to keep in mind are:
1. The pen won’t necessarily work when the macarons are super fresh. Be sure to wait a few hours before trying to write on them.
2. You want to be very delicate with your touch – pushing too hard will crack the shell!
3. Consider using gloves. Technically you are handling food, so at the very least you want to very thoroughly wash your hands before touching, but we have very thin latex gloves in the office that don’t restrict my writing.

As we’ve mentioned before, when doing lettering to get that “calligraphy look” you want to do write monoline first and then go back filling in your thick lines.

If you need some guidance on where your thick lines should go, we offer a basic lettering guide in our shop!

Photos by Anne Kim