I’m often seen using gold paint pen in my Instagram feed and I think one of our very top questions is “what pen is that?!” While there are many different brands and styles of paint markers, and different calligraphers and letterers each have their own favorites, you can find my preferred gold paint pens right here!

Personally I keep a whole pack of pens on hand, plus a variety of pen tip sizes {medium, fine & extra fine}, so that I always have what I need on hand. I even travel with my favorite paint pens which I mentioned in a previous post about what’s in my travel bag.

I use these paint pens on a variety of products including the oyster shells shown here, agate slices, real pumpkins, acrylic and more.

If you’d like to add these oyster beauties to your wedding celebration, you can find details + order through our website!

Photos courtesy of Anne Kim