What’s one thing that helps me not get stuck in a comparison trap?

I write down what I’m grateful for.

It is SO simple and you’ve probably heard it a million times but it can honestly do the trick.

When you are caught scrolling on Instagram and Pinterest and you start to feel bummed, before you go even lower, stop the scroll, take out your pen and paper and write a gratitude list. Or if you are stuck on a gratitude list, try creating a list of goals or achievements that you’ve completed or reached in the past few days, weeks or months. Make it specific or use it as a part of your calligraphy practice routine. You’ll be surprised at the joy you can feel compared to the anxiety that inhabited your mind moments before.

We are always encouraged by the popular and timeless quote “Comparison is the Thief of Joy” by Theodore Roosevelt.

Because it’s so easy to get stuck in the mindset that:

There will always be someone more talented
There will always be someone with more money
There will always be someone who has the life that you wish you had

BUT just remember:

There is ONLY ONE YOU and whatever you are offering. Only you have the ability to stop comparing yourself and start celebrating the beautiful life you are living right now.

So…Stop scrolling. And take a moment for self love today.