I am frequently asked “How do you write so straight? Any tips?” And while there are certain tools for writing straight without gridlines {see below}, when practicing we always recommend the use of guidelines.

Meet Ductus

The key to writing straight is of course guidelines, and if you’re looking to try out different spacing between your lines or want to create guidelines for your own practicing, this great online tool may be just the right discovery for you!

Ductus, created by calligrapher and developer Josselin Cuette, is an online simple guide lines generator for calligraphers. Their tagline is, We all love writing, and like any art, practice is essential. To make your training easier, here’s a tool to generate your ideal template.

You can also find our practice pads with guidelines printed for you in our shop. We also have calligraphy quality blank paper as well that you can use for printing your newly created guides from Ductus!

If you’re looking for tips on how to write straight without guidelines, be sure to check out our blog post here.