We get a lot of you asking us, will this FREE 5 Day Calligraphy Practice Challenge be good for me?

When we ran the challenge this past June, we got an overwhelmingly positive response from people allllll across the calligraphy skill spectrum. From beginners who just learned the week before to full time professional calligraphers who actually make a living off of their skill.

If you are curious about improving your calligraphy skills, read what some of our “calligrafriends” had to say about their experience. I bet you can relate to at least one of them.

You want to get your calligraphy “groove” back:

“This was just what I needed to get back in my groove! Sign up for the challenge! It makes a world of difference. And reminds you why the basics are so important.”

You want to see actual improvement in your skills: 

“So glad I joined this challenge, and actually participated each day!! Thank you for putting on this challenge group. I compared some writing from day 1 to day 5 and I can tell a difference. Especially with my up strokes. I feel like I have learned so much!!!”

You wish you could practice with more intention:

“I really enjoyed this challenge because it caused me to practice with intention which enabled me to see where I needed to focus to improve. I know this will (it already has) help my calligraphy on the whole. It’s always good to develop good habits!”

You feel overwhelmed with the beginning stage of calligraphy:

“Thanks so much for this little push, I had my beginner kit for a couple of months without even opening it, but this lit just the right fire.”

“I found it very useful. I’m a beginner in calligraphy, I took an intro class just a couple weeks ago and I was anxious to start practicing words already, but this challenge reminded me that mastering these drills – being able to be consistent with the spacing, pressure, etc – is more important than jumping to words.”

You wish you had “calligrafriends” to help you improve:

“It was fun to practice with others. I haven’t done drills like this before, and I realized how important they are. The short 5 day challenge was doable for busy people who want accountability and encouragement without being overwhelming.”

“I LOVED this challenge, also my first ever in participating in such. I was never intimidated even if I knew there were intermediate or even advanced calligraphers. I’m one of the beginners, which you guys often acknowledge. I’m a wedding florist who’s goal is also to include calligraphy in one of my services, & with this challenge I became aware of this different creative community. Very welcoming, encouraging & inspiring.”

“It was a very nice idea. I loved being in contact with other calligraphers. It helped to see others become enthusiastic”

You really want to make practicing calligraphy more of a habit in your life:

“I loved that the practice pages encouraged me to sit and concentrate on practicing every day for 30 minutes to an hour. It was great for starting a new habit.”

You have a calligraphy side business and need the extra push: 

“I have a little calligraphy business on the side in the UK, and this challenge is perfect timing for me! I keep meaning to put more effort into the drills and fundamentals as I’m wanting to improve my consistency, and not giving them the time they deserve :)”

You are a full time mom that doesn’t have a ton of time!

“Sooooo need this! I want to take my calligraphy to the next level and need some discipline to practice (I work full time, have a 1 and 3 year old)!”

You are a full time calligrapher and need to be reminded of the basics: 

“Thank you for opportunity! I already have a full-time calligraphy business, but drills are sooo important, and I welcome any chance I get for the opportunity to join a community to do them with!! Plus, I really need help with consistency!!”

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