We frequently have the opportunity to letter on a variety of marble pieces for our wedding clients & get so many comments and questions about the pieces we are using.

Marble is such a timeless and elegant look. We love the variety of ways it can be used as a surface for event decoration.

We know you love it too, so we wanted to share some of our simple marble resources with you:

1 // With Pointed Pen: You can find details about writing on marble with your pointed pen in this blog post.

2 // With Paint Pens: You can also find all my preferred paint pens in my Favorite Supplies shared in the sidebar of the blog!

3 // On Plates: We recently wrote on these marble plates and loved how they turned out! It would be best to use these like a charger since the ink isnโ€™t necessarily food safe.

4 // On Tiles: We like these rectangle tiles and these hexagon tiles.