Whenever people ask what I love working on the most, the answer is simple for me: envelope addressing.

It’s the very first service that I offered to clients when I started out 15 years ago & I love knowing my envelopes are the first impression into my client’s celebration of marriage.

Being part of their love story is such an honor.

Most of the time for wedding clients, the envelope count will average around 100-150 envelopes, and I will use the same nib the whole time. Recently, I did an order of 800 envelopes and I went through 3 nibs!!

SO…how do I decide which nib to use for my envelope orders?

It’s all about the texture of the envelope and the script style the client has chosen. Both affect which nib I choose for my envelope work.


My top choice for envelope work is the Gillott 404 because it’s firm but still gives a nice flex leading to a good thick line. I would use this nib if you are using the standard envelope paper from Paper Source. However, on super textured paper (or cranes lettra) it can be too flexible and when moving upward, the tines can grab bits of the paper then drag them through the ink on the downstroke. Not good, unless you have a very light upstroke! This nib also will dull faster on textured paper.


Do not fret! If a client does give you textured paper to work on, I would pick a more firm nib, so it’s not grabbing quite so many fibers. In that case you might want to try the Nikko G or even the “Blue Pumpkin”. The Nikko G nib is firm and writes quickly, and it doesn’t easily dull, so you can get a large order of envelopes out of it. For the order of 800 using 3 nibs, I used the Nikko G. The Blue Pumpkin isn’t my personal favorite because I find the tip to be a bit too blunt for my taste, but it is a favorite among many calligraphers and definitely worth a try.


Occasionally, I’ll get a client wanting a shimmer paper. I’ll usually choose the Hunt 56 for this, so I can get a fine hairline on the hard, shimmery surface, as well as a nice downstroke.
There you have it! My favorite nibs to use for addressing envelopes.

You can find these nibs {+ a few more} in our nib sample pack! You can also grab our nib cleaner that I use on a daily basis!

For a full list and descriptions of the nibs we offer, check out this post.

As for pens to use on envelopes, I ONLY use the pens in our shop. You can find all of them here.

I hope this is helpful for you as you hunker down and get to addressin’!