If you’re like me, the end of summer inevitably brings a desire for learning something new. In fact, I’m personally jumping at the opportunity to study under a Master Penman later this month to further develop my traditional scripts!

So, to ring in the season coming up, we want to give YOU an opportunity to expand your skills and get yourself back to school with our freshly launched Calligraphy Classroom: Your Online Calligraphy Resource Space. This has been a dream project of ours in the works for quite some time, and we are so excited to finally share it with you! All of our digital content is now at your fingertips in our online portal – from your desktop, mobile, tablet, anywhere!

I have a hunch you’re ready to go the next step with your calligraphy education. If you’ve taken a class or two, purchased a starter kit and feeling like you’re ready to invest more into your calligraphy education, we are excited to introduce three brand new videos that we think would be perfect for you:

Our Beyond Beginner Calligraphy Workbook + Video is the next step in your calligraphy education if you’ve taken a beginner class or starter kit and need some help with your letter consistency, connections and more. If you already have the Beyond Beginner Calligraphy Workbook, for a limited time you can buy just the video by itself here.

Included with the workbook is a tracing pad with one of the flourished alphabets – each letter upper & lower case on its own page, two flourished alphabet exemplars, a letter connections tracing pad, & details on letter consistency – focusing on the various components of your letters to make them consistent with one another. In the video you’ll get close ups of Laura demonstrating letter connections, close ups of Laura demonstrating an entire flourished alphabet from A to Z,  tips and demonstration on how to mix Inks and more.

Although not a new product, if you’ve been eyeing your very own Calligraphy for Beginners: Starter Kit + Video, now’s a great time to jump on it as it is included in our sale.

Curated especially for beginners by industry leader Laura Hooper, the Calligraphy Starter Kit + Video Tutorial includes both the high quality tools you need to start learning modern pointed-pen calligraphy but also {and perhaps more importantly} detailed, down-to-earth instruction on how to actually use them!

Our new “How To” videos were so fun to make. We’re starting out this section of the Calligraphy Classroom with How To Create Oversized Wood Signage: From Prep to Shipping. This 38-minute video will walk you through one of Laura’s most popular and most requested wedding projects that is also one of the more complex wood pieces —  an escort seating board: from prep to shipping.

We will cover the tools needed, layout, lettering plus packing for shipment – all of which can be applied to wood signage of all types from welcome signs to menu boards to various signage throughout an event.

After this video, you will feel confident in your abilities to create unforgettable wood signage — from an oversized seating chart to more decorative pieces for your clients to enjoy long after their big day.

Lastly, do you ever wonder how you are supposed to write your gorgeous calligraphy AND write in a straight line? One of our most frequently asked questions is just that, and in our How to Write in a Straight Line 48-minute video, we will be showing you how to use our top tools & sharing our best secrets and tips for how to do just that.

Laura will be walking you through key techniques so you can try out what works best for you and feel confident in your abilities from envelope writing to art prints and more.

We’re excited to add more to the Calligraphy Classroom in the future! Below grab a freebie of our Calligraphy Education Checklist so you can see where you are at and what you want to learn next!

xo Laura + Alyssa

PS – Sneak Peak! A couple of you have been asking “so what’s it like once you are inside the calligraphy classroom online portal?” Well.. here’s a sneak peek at how it is laid out for you. We hope you’ll join us inside! bit.ly/demo-calligraphy-classroom