It’s hard to know what type of paper is best for your calligraphy work – especially since most paper supply is online these days which means you can’t feel the texture and try out the paper before you buy.

Well, over the last 20 years, I have tried countless paper types and sources. Today, I’m sharing with you my favorite paper for my calligraphy work.

My hope is to let you in on my trusted sources so you can minimize the trial and error and find your preferred paper for professional and/or personal work.

1 // Calligraphy Practice

LHC practice pads – These are my favorite {duh!}. We use all Strathmore paper in our pads and we created the guided lines just the way I like them 🙂
Rhodia Pads – good and inexpensive for practicing and I buy several at a time. They are perforated on top for easy and clean removal.

2 // Wedding Work
The Paper Recyclery – These eco-friendly paper goods are all made with handmade recycled paper perfect for calligraphy and hand lettering. We use them for wedding place cards & escort cards.
Crane & Co Lettra Letterpress – Our personal invitation printer source for letterpress.
Paper Source – always a fabulous option for wedding invitation suites. They have quite the array of presentation options for any client or individual work. Also, our inks go great with their papers as well.
Paper Presentation, Cards & Pockets, and LCI have a great variety of additional colors for envelopes and reception papers if you want to branch out from the ever popular paper source colors, too!

3 // Watercolor
Canson Watercolor Pad This is a great paper type for layering painted work with pointed-pen calligraphy. I usually flip the paper over to write on the less textured side so my calligraphy comes out smooth but holds my watercolor paint well.

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