If you’ve been offering envelope addressing for some time, you know that not all envelope layouts are the same. While I often don’t need a specifically guided space on my desk for envelopes, I recently needed to ensure that each envelope started in the exact same space on the envelope to accommodate vintage stamps. We work with many clients that use vintage stamps and some of these configurations of stamps come pretty far down on the envelopes! For this project specifically I decided to tape it out to make sure every address line 1 started in the same spot & that I was accommodating for the beautiful stamps that would be joining my pointed pen. It was kind of a fun set-up and ended up being really helpful, so we wanted to share with you how I went about it.

STEP 1 & 2 // For a recent order, I needed to start 2.75” down from the top of the envelope. To accommodate this, I laid out the envelope and added washi tape to the corners. This ensured that the envelope would be placed in the exact same location and at the same angle throughout the order. Notice I am not writing directly on the hard surface of the desk. I use a desk pad to provide shock absorbency. You can find options like mine here.

STEP 3 // Then I measured down 2.75” down from the top of the envelope and added another piece of tape to mark where my top line of each address block should be.

STEP 4 // Now I’m ready to address the envelopes! Using my preferred lining tool, I get to work. We share & demonstrate a variety of tools available to write in a straight line here.

STEP 5 // As I work, I lay my envelopes at the edge of my desk to dry, making sure not to overlap on the wet ink. By the time I finish a row, I can start a new row over the first envelope laid down.

This is just one way that I’ve found useful to set things up for myself, but there are certainly more options.

How do you like to set-up for your envelope work? Have you tried the method shown here? Tell us, below!