Have you tried the art of modern pointed pen without success? Or maybe you are so overwhelmed, you don’t even know where to start or what tools to get? Thousands of beginners just like you have trusted us to get them started with the RIGHT supplies for beginners, guaranteed to work together…yep, if you’ve unsuccessfully given it a go, it was more likely the combination of supplies causing you problems!

Our in-person workshops include all the tools you need to learn modern calligraphy plus hands-on instructions from both Alyssa & myself. We’ve taught over 5,300 students at our workshops alone, and we can’t wait to share the art with YOU as well.

Feast your eyes on our lovely Dallas workshop! Not only do we love teaching the art of calligraphy but we love working with our favorite vendors and creating a magical, creative, and pretty space for our students!

You can learn more about our workshops HERE. 

Vendor Credits:

Photography: Sami Kathryn Photography
Florals & Decor: Moss Floral Design
Venue: Brake & Clutch Warehouse
Water: Boxed Water

Join us! Our Fall 2018 workshop schedule will be coming out soon! Learn more about the workshops HERE.

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