How do we say this nicely without sounding harsh?? We see this common mistake all the time and never know how to nicely point it out.

You know when someone has food in their teeth, and you are SO tempted to say something, but you don’t? That’s how we feel every time we see a friend {or stranger online!} make this common mistake. Should we say something? Would they want to know?

If we have food in our teeth, we definitely want to know about it, pronto, and we have a feeling you would want to know, too.

So we will just make a PSA on the subject we’re referring to today!

Friends, if you want to position yourself as a professional calligrapher, stationer, wedding planner, or any role in an industry that deals with paper…remember this golden rule: there is a major difference between the words “stationary” & “stationery”!

Luckily, there is an easy way to remember the difference!

Stationery with an “E” refers to paper, which ends with “Er” (use this spelling in our industry)

Stationary with an “A” means not moving

With only one letter setting them apart from each other, they are easy to confuse, but once you practice the difference it’ll come naturally!

For those of us in the paper industry, this is a top mistake that we want to avoid as we grow our business, speak with clients, and share our work with the world. Especially if you are newer in the stationery world trying to position yourself as a pro.

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