Ask any calligrapher…we widely agree that practicing calligraphy can be calming, relaxing and deeply therapeutic once you get into a rhythm.

But, how do you even get to that point? It sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Maybe you’ve tried taking up calligraphy on your own while watching YouTube videos, but you find it way harder than it looks! Do you sometimes wonder if the “therapeutic and calming” effects you hear about are for real?

We’ve learned from a lot of beginners that their most common struggles are one of two things:

  • They either don’t know what materials to buy
  • They can’t figure out how to use the supplies they’ve collected from here there and everywhere

Many who are just starting out can’t really seem to get those nice thick and thin lines that are characteristic of pointed pen calligraphy or they have excessive ink bleeds and blobs in their work.

Is this you? Have you ever wondered if the problem is your own ability, the tools or what?

You are NOT alone!

We get you, pointed pen can certainly be a bit overwhelming!

We developed our Calligraphy Starter Kit in 2013 and added a video tutorial shortly thereafter to solve this very problem and make calligraphy education more accessible to each of you.

Back in 2013, day after day requests would come rolling into our inbox asking us how to get started with calligraphy. Then it dawned on us! As much as we love replying to emails *wink*, we could provide something even better to you all. We could set beginners up for success best if we use our expertise to  curate tools that will work well together and offer them, along with detailed instructions on how to actually use them, to the aspiring calligraphers out there.

Our Calligraphy Starter Kit is inspired by these two key components:

  • Not all ink + nib + paper combinations work together
  • If you don’t have instructions {and actually read them before you start !} on how to work with ink and nib and paper combos, you are doing yourself a significant disservice.

Not all things are meant to be done alone. Learning modern calligraphy is one of those arts that is way better to do with someone who has experience with it herself as well as with teaching others {psstt! we’ve got nearly 5 years under our belts!}.

Still not sure if our Calligraphy Starter Kit + Video Tutorial is right for you? Let us unbox the starter kit with you in this brief video!

P.S. Not only has each item in the starter kit been specifically chosen to work exceptionally together, but all of the items in our shop (i.e.  inks, nibs & practice pads) work perfectly together as well. We’re your one-stop shop for all your calligraphy needs!

Our kit includes:

  • An oblique pen holder, the very same pen holder that we use in our workshops, and the type used by pointed-pen professionals.

  • Our instructional tips & techniques book with 3 alphabet exemplars, based on Laura’s 15+ years as a professional calligrapher & our five years of teaching the art; we cover all the tools, how to use them then share my beginner, modern alphabet. Also included are two additional alphabets for continued learning.

  • 2 jars of high quality calligraphy ink, one black and one white, no ink bleeding here; we use only the best calligraphy inks to set you up for success as a beginner.

  • Assortment of 3 nibs, to see which one works best with your natural hand pressure, and creates the result you want.

  • A practice journal, with blank calligraphy quality paper for practicing your craft & doodles.

  • Access to our 45-minute beginner video detailing out the tools and demonstrating how to use them; our video covers the full beginner alphabet, stroke by stroke, for every single upper & lowercase letter.

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