A lot of people ask how I am able to sit and write for long periods of time and while I am very used to it after 15+ years, the answer is that I always try to maintain good posture while I am working.

There are many basic tips I have learned over the years that will not only improve your writing, but allow you remain comfortable while you do it. Sometimes I will work for eight hours straight, so I promise these are tried & true!

A few of my key posture tips include:

  • Sit square to the table
  • Keep one foot on the ground
  • Use a chair with a back
  • Make sure your shoulders are down
  • Stay within your comfortable writing zone
  • Keep your non-writing hand firm on the desk

Along with your posture, something as simple as finding the right chair and table to practice on can make a big impact on your writing, so it is crucial to find what is comfortable for you.

In this video, I demonstrate these tips and explain how better posture will allow you to write more comfortably, smoother, and achieve straighter lines.