July 5, 2011

I am now into July and have mere days left before the wedding. I STILL don’t have dresses for my   daughters, finalizing headcounts is proving to be harder than I thought, and I needed to complete the layout of the ceremony & reception with my event designer. Oh, and ensure favors were going to be ready in time, the details details details were all taken care of across the board, and delivery of items would be at the Chicago Botanic Garden when they needed to be.

Oh, and work full time at my job. And spend time with my wondeful fiance’.  Lest we forget to pay some attention to my awesome daughters or fabulous dog.

I’m so tired.

To borrow a phrase from a blog I read, who I’d credit here but don’t know her real name, “I’m feeling so off the mark lately. So blah. So wildly unprepared for Prime Time.”

I am usually so organized. I know what needs to be done, I put together a plan, and I work the plan. Easier said than done, of course, but it’s worked for me in my life. These days, my plan has far too many items in it that are all “Priority #1”. Can you have more than one Priority #1?

I started off this life adventure (and blog) with the mindset that, because I’d done this one time before, I knew what I was getting myself into. I’d been there, I’d done that. Yes, this was different, but the mechanics were markedly the same. I’d be fine, no sweat.

Right now, I am overwhelmed by the details that remain. It’s NOT “no sweat”.

The final month of wedding preparation, much like the final month of being pregnant, has not been fun for me. I am grouchy, I go home at night and stare at very pretty fuchsia and coral papers, fabrics, and ribbons until my eyes feel like they are bleeding. While I wish the wedding day were here already, I am so very glad it isn’t because…as I said…I’m WILDLY unprepared for Prime Time right now. And every bride wants to be Prime Time on her wedding day.

So, now I’m off to figure out where my daughters’ dresses are, schedule my last fitting and pickup (I ADORE my wedding gown!), and begin boxing up things that need to go to Garden later in the month. I also need to email Laura and ask her for a few more things that I didn’t anticipate; I hope she can fit them into her busy schedule for me.

Although I’m late for just about everything, I HATE “last minute” planning and coordination of events. I’ve always said I’m a much better guest at a party than I am being a hostess and wedding isn’t proving me wrong.

Second-Time-Bride-To-Be. I may know what I’m doing, but it’s no easier the second time around. Different, absolutely. But far from “easier”.

On the upside, at least I can still laugh. And yes, AT myself. Because it is I who did all of this to me…we could have just gone to a Las Vegas drive-thru chapel, you know? I’m sure Laura would have designed an incredible Vegas-style Announcement that I could have sent out with a photo of us with Elvis & one of the Rockettes. 🙂

Until next time,

“It is a great art to laugh at your own misfortune.”
~Danish Proverb