It’s Launch Day for the 5-week Calligraphy Practice Plan!! 

We are already celebrating because we know how many students will walk away transformed by this course. We’re here to provide you with the guidance, tools and accountability needed to change the way you practice your own calligraphy, should it be a new hobby, a side-passion or the bread and butter of your own business.

Without further adieu, enrollment is NOW OPEN for our most loved calligraphy course,


The Calligraphy Practice Plan is the only practice program that transforms your calligraphy from sloppy to smooth, erratic to consistent and clumsy to fluid in just 5 weeks.

Maybe you’ve taken our 5-day Calligraphy Practice Challenge. Maybe you missed the challenges all together, but still want the opportunity to transform your calligraphy skills.

We thought we’d share with you the story of a calligrapher perhaps a lot like you, who found herself where you are right now.

Meet Stephanie: A beginner calligrapher with the basic skills under her belt, and a drive to learn more.

She took the free 5 Day Calligraphy Practice Challenge after she learned how to use her tools from our Calligraphy Starter Kit.

“I received the Laura Hooper Calligraphy for Beginners: Starter Kit as a birthday gift from my boyfriend and best friend, and was super excited to learn calligraphy! I have always had very messy writing and would strive to have beautiful handwriting, which is what drew me to this art form. I worked through the starter book included in the kit, and then joined the 5-day practice challenge. That challenge got me hooked, and when they offered the full 5-week practice plan, I knew I needed to sign up right away.”

At the start of the Calligraphy Practice Plan, Stephanie focused on her posture and form — and felt pretty good about her progress!

Week 1, Drills 3, 4 and 5 were tough, but she got some much needed encouragement from our private accountability group.

Then by Week 3 she was all definitely seeing improvement since the practice challenge and since week one of the plan. A few pretty ink colors definitely help the motivation 🙂

By Week 5 she was giving heart eyes to her OWN calligraphy. She looked back at her work over the the previous weeks — the entirety of the five-week course — in awe over her own accomplishments.

Says Stephanie now, many months since completing the course:

The improvement I saw over the five weeks was noticeable and motivating. 

The consistent, self-scheduled practice really helped me develop the muscle memory. I am now able to sit down and use the drills as a warm-up before starting on a project. The quality of the material, knowledge and resources supplied during the five weeks was outstanding and definitely worth the investment. Thanks Laura and Alyssa!

If you want to see major improvement in your skills — and confidence — like Stephanie has, join us for the 5-week Calligraphy Practice Plan TODAY!

Bonus: If you enroll before April 11 at 9pm PST, you’ll get $50 off the course AND an additional set of bonus “anytime, anywhere” practice drills!

Get. At. It.

Laura + Alyssa

P.S. Have you gone beyond beginner status and aren’t sure if the Calligraphy Practice Plan is for you?

Meet Anna St. Blanc:

Anna has been working on her calligraphy for four years and owns a thriving calligraphy business. She took the 5-week Calligraphy Practice Plan course last year and had this to share about her experience…

Learning calligraphy on my own four years ago was a challenge, let’s be very honest. I dove right into envelope orders and really haven’t looked up since. My skills have improved, yes, but I lacked the fundamental beginnings and drills that calligraphers have access to today! Following the Calligraphy Practice Plan showed IMMEDIATE results in my consistency, shapes and the overall look of my work. Taking time to work ON your skill and not in your skill is key to keep advancing. I’m planning on revisiting the course again this year to try and improve even more….

Practice, after all, makes perfect progress in your calligraphy!