These photos were part of the Bride and Bloom’s Winter Issue in which several wedding planners were selected to create a specific theme for a wedding. Renowned event designer Kathy Jo Peterson was chosen to create a Victorian theme wedding and she called upon Jill Parkin to create these magnificent pieces for the stationery. Jill then contacted me for some hand lettering to use on the invitation, menu and favor cards. Here you can see what a perfect touch pointed pen adds to these pieces. Instead of being simply computer-generated, they are now more personal, and more elegant with a hand written touch. Perfect for the more discerning bride, and perfect for a luxurious event.

Matching favor tags tied with satin bows to crystal jars. Each with the bride and groom’s name written in scrolling letters, accented with a rhinestone, thoughtfully applied by hand. What a truly beautiful way to make a spectacular impression on your guests. I love the Bride and Bloom Magazine, they have so many great concepts for floral arrangements and reception ideas. For traditional brides and contemporary brides, it is a visually appealing publication that will never fail to inspire.