Today was an interesting day, mostly because neither Stephen, nor I knew much about Men’s Formalwear, yet figuring out what the men would be wearing the day of our wedding needed to get done. Stephen told me a while back that he wanted to wear a tux and I immediately envisioned this goofy looking 80’s style get-up. I told him “no way,” which left him completely confused. Later that evening I looked into men’s formalwear and realized my vision was completely off. To my surprise, they had updated the tux since the 80’s and I loved the look. I admitted defeat and let Stephen know that wearing a tux was a great idea. We headed out to our local men’s suiting store with very little knowledge of what was about to transpire. We were met at the door by a salesman who immediately started joking with us and set us at ease (so much for the “stuffy suits” prejudgment.) I had quite a few questions, which were all answered with great detail. Thanks to my inquisitive mind, I feel like Stephen and I now know more about tuxes than! Stephen decided on a basic black one-button tux with a black vest and tie. I was more than pleased, as I wanted the guys to look very classic and stunning. I am definitely looking forward to seeing my Husband-to-Be on our wedding day. He looks great in his uniform and suits, so I can only imagine how handsome he’ll be in his tux! With Love,Jenn P.S. I am so excited to begin the invitation process with Laura! What fun to work with such great talent! I’ll tell you all about it soon.