I’ve had the honor of watching Laura Hooper Calligraphy grow from a vision to a flourishing company, as Laura and I have been friends since long before she began her business. She is such an amazing artist and also has a passion to please, so I had no doubt in my mind that Laura would be successful. I also had no doubt in my mind that I wanted her to be in charge of my invitations, should I ever get married. I had been looking forward to working with Laura on our invitations since right after the proposal, and this was the perfect week to get started. Laura emailed me to find out about colors, design and wording and then got to work on the invitations. I was concerned about having too much pink in the invitation (the colors in our wedding are pinks, blacks, ivories and grays.) I did not voice my concern regarding too much pink, as I wanted to leave it up to her as a professional to create the first draft. Laura must have read my mind. She emailed me a proof and I loved it. The invitations are ivory, with the design and calligraphy in gray. Pink is being used to line the envelopes and also to tie bows. Everything was just as I expected it to be…perfect. To stay on top of my “to do” list, I went to the post office to buy stamps for the invitations. I’m sure the postal clerk must have thought I was nuts when I asked her if she had any other designs about a hundred times. There was no way I would be messing up a beautiful invitation with the stamps USPS offers. I went home and promptly emailed Laura about a Zazzle stamp design to complete the look. Just when I thought our invitations couldn’t get any more exciting, Laura sent me a stamp design that added another splash of pink and a personalized feel with our names and wedding date.

I am so excited to see the finished products when everything comes in, and of course I will be sure to share the look with you all.With love,Jenn