Wow! We’re less than two months away from getting married and as I type that thought out, I can feel the anxiety working its way through me. Then again, the anxious feeling may be due to the four lattes’ I’ve had today. Surprisingly, I’ve been pretty relaxed through the wedding planning process, even being dubbed the anti-bridezilla on more than one occasion. My relaxed attitude has caused quite a bit of stress for those involved in our wedding, as they are concerned with making the day perfect. I never imagined I’d be so stress-free, but so far everything has fallen into place perfectly, thus giving me no reason to worry. I ordered my dress with plenty of time to spare in my opinion, though the sales lady was concerned I wouldn’t be able to take it home until a few days before our wedding. My thought was, “Perfect. I won’t have to be troubled with where to put that giant closet hog.” We haven’t met with our DJ yet but I’ve been to weddings he’s worked, so I’m not the least bit concerned with his abilities. He knows what he’s doing, right? My vendors all think I’m nuts. And so do some of my friends and family. It’s possible that working in the Special Events industry has jaded me. I get that the vendors I’ve hired are professionals and do not need me to babysit them. I have let them know that I trust them in their field of expertise and they have the freedom to be creative with my basic concepts. I feel that if I limit them with the exact look I want, I might miss out on something potentially more exciting that they would come up with. I’m sure they would appreciate if I got back to them in a timelier manner though. I guess the comment, “Don’t worry. It’ll be fine,” is not always reassuring when our wedding is only a month and a half away. None the less, we look forward to how everything will come together, from the décor, to the dining experience.BTW, does anyone have a crash diet plan for someone with no self control? It’s quite possible my dress is two sizes too small. Now there’s something to stress about! Wish me luck.

{Picture of my bridesmaid, Rachel, and me at Ponte picking out wines}

With love,Jenn