My mailbox has never been so exciting! The first thing I used to look forward to upon arriving home from a long days work was throwing on a pair of XL sweats and pulling my hair into a ponytail. Now I look forward to mail. Don’t get me wrong, the bills are still littering the mailbox, but amongst those bad apples are the most beautiful little envelopes with RSVP’s enclosed. I love the little notes people are writing and I can feel the excitement when I see a name written with three exclamation points preceding it. I find myself getting more excited each day as the responses come in. I only wish we could have invited everyone we know. Stephen and I decided shortly after our engagement that we wanted to keep our wedding small and intimate, so as to be able to spend a good amount of one-on-one time with our guests. It has been a tough battle at times to narrow down our list, but we believe it will be worthwhile to have the opportunity to spend time with our family and friends who have walked beside us through so many stages in our lives. We look forward to honoring our guests for the love they’ve poured out to us because after all, it takes a village!With Love,Jenn