This weekend I was blessed with such a fun Bridal Shower. My mother-in-law-to-be asked if she could throw me a shower quite a while back, so I had been preparing for this day for some time. I’m the type that has to have a new party dress for every occasion (I know I’m not alone here) so shopping for the perfect outfit was part of the fun! I bought a dress a while back, but then while doing a little wedding registry update, I decided to peruse the mall to see if anything new and more exciting might be out there. I should have known I’d find something. I opted to wear the dress I previously bought for my bachelorette party and buy the newfound dress for the shower. I’m so savvy! I’ll spare you the story about the shoes.I arrived to my shower (late, of course) and was immediately overwhelmed. My girlfriends and family were all there ready to celebrate! I took a moment to check out all the details the ladies of Stephen’s family put into decorating for the occasion. They did not leave one room untouched. There was tulle and flowers and pinkness everywhere! It was SO cute and SO me. The entire day was quite overwhelming, being showered with gifts and love from so many. I can’t even imagine how overwhelming our wedding day will be. We’ll find out in 33 days!

{a special guest popped in at the end of the party to say helo!}

With Love,Jenn