The day my dress came in, I was promptly called by Veronica, the saleswoman who has walked through the entire process with me. It’s such a nice touch to have someone dedicated exclusively to me, as purchasing a wedding dress is a grand experience and having that familiar face to go to makes everything run so smoothly. Veronica explained to me that I would come in to try on the dress and then we would set a separate date for alterations. I didn’t really see the need to try on the dress twice until she explained to me that the first try-on would simply be a celebration in which I could bring champagne and sweets and invite people to see the dress. I thought that was a perfect idea, since when I originally purchased the dress, it was on a whim and I was all alone. I invited my mother and mother-in-law to-be, along with my bridesmaids to come along. We had such a great day and I’m so glad I decided to give them a sneak peek of what’s to come!

I went back a few days later for alterations, thinking there wouldn’t be too much involved in the process. When I arrived, the seamstress and her assistant were sitting in the chairs awaiting my arrival. I slipped into my dress (with the help of Veronica) and came out to reveal their upcoming project. Those ladies got up from their seats and came at me with pins and tape measures and padding and Lord knows what else. I felt like Cinderella with two little Fairy Godmothers buzzing around me. When they were done I was in awe. They had transformed my dress from beautiful to breathtaking. And to think, I really didn’t want much done to the dress. If you are reading this as a Bride-to-Be, my suggestion would be to go into your alteration appointment with an open mind. Let your seamstress make their alterations prior to offering your own suggestions. They will probably amaze you with their expertise.

With Love,Jenn