This past week I found myself doing quite a bit of administrative work for the wedding. My laptop and I spent many evenings together on the couch typing out schedules and menus and everything in between. I don’t recommend you wait until the last possible minute to do these tasks, as I have done, but then I don’t recommend you meet with your Photographer and DJ for the first time a week and a half before your wedding either, which I am also doing. (Remember this post? Nothing’s changed.) Thankfully, most of my vendors are also friends, so this last-minute behavior is not alarming to them, but I digress. I anticipated each file I needed to create taking a couple hours tops. I was wrong. Take this case in point; my seating chart. I was a “Ctrl C” and “Ctrl V” maniac for the first half hour, trying to figure out where to seat everyone. I finally gave up, enlarged the font, printed and cut out each person’s name. I then spread my guests all over my coffee table and played a game of musical table-numbers with them until I had placed each person at a table I felt they’d be most comfortable. That project took the better part of my morning, and I still had schedules, menus, programs, dj lists, a photography list and who knows what else to get through. I knew it all needed to get done though, so I glued my eyes to the monitor and continued typing. I kept in mind that as hard as I was working, those waiting for the files were going to be working harder to make my special day amazing. This thought helped motivate me to get through it all. I just sent files for our wedding program, menu and place cards off to Laura (please do not be last minute, as I was) to create coordinating pieces for our wedding day. I’m looking forward to seeing her beautiful stationary displayed for our guests to admire.

{the pieces will coordinate with our beautiful invites!}

With Love,Jenn