I feel like the past few weeks have been insanely busy between work, planning, and social life. We have been swamped with tons of things to do, it keeps getting crazier and I feel like I become more and more obsessed with making things perfect! But, that is me I guess, and Wes has to live it with it for the REST of his life! I am still (note the still) trying to figure out my florist. I think I have finally come up with who it will be. I am hoping next week I will be able to reveal this mystery florist, as it’s a mystery to me as well on who I am going to finally chose. I know either choice will do a phenomenal job, it just comes down to the relationships they have with my other vendors. So, crossing fingers by next week I will be able to have a final decision.I have found shoes I love, and will look killer with my dress. Dad, If you are reading this, I will not be one bit disappointed if these are under the Christmas tree for me. Christian Louboutin makes bridal shoes with a blue sole… hello gorgeous.

Besides being stressed about having the last component of my wedding figured out, I decided to take Wes on my favorite new past time – antique shopping. Yes, as we hit yet another antique mall, he actually has been an unbelievably great trooper with me and never complains. I think he secretly likes it but shhhh….. Saturday afternoon we went to the 20,000 sq foot Brass Armadillo Antique mall. I was like a kid in a candy store. I think it is so cool that all this stuff is all so old and you do not actually know who had it before you. I was in search for some more milk glass containers, an old dictionary, cake stand, glass containers and some vintage postcards and stamps. We walked away with a few things: glass, and milk glass containers, cake stand and vintage cigar box. All of which I have not decided on where will go but like they told me at the antique shop….. “If you do not get it now, it may not be here when you return.” So four bags full of stuff  and Wes and I were on our way. Now we just need to find a place to store all of this in our condo….

I almost forgot to mention – Mother of the Bride dress task has also been completed!Always with love,Alyson